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Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are a unique choice for saving space throughout your home, it uses a mortise latch for added security and ease of operation, also includes tandem rollers with 4 rollers per bottom rail which allows door panels to move smoothly, in addition to multiple panel configuration. One of the benefits of sliding glass doors is that being made mostly glass you get a clean view to the outdoors sliding glass doors. Are more than just a patio door system. It‘s an element that changes the space around you bringing along. A sense of ease, style and sophistication.

There are many options of glass type and thickness that you can choose from. From double pane impact glass to single pane temper glass, in addition of color option for your glass like clear, gray tint, bronze tint, green tint and solar cool. Also available in a variety of designs; Colonial, Brittany, and Full view. Our products comply with Florida Building code high velocity hurricane zone and Miami Dade & Broward county approval. (HVHZ)



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